Midtown Reno Homes For Sale

Midtown Reno offers the most unique collection of dining and shopping in the Reno area. For many years, Midtown Reno was a neglected part of the city, but several years ago, a group of local business owners realized that there was so much potential in this easily accessible area and worked hard to turn around the negative image and give this neighborhood a new identity. Today, Midtown Reno is a destination in itself with unique retail shops, excellent dining options and many successful local businesses. Residents of Midtown love the charm and character of the area. 

Midtown Reno

About Midtown Reno Real Estate

Midtown Reno is roughly from Liberty Street in the north to Plumb Lane in the south; to Holcomb Avenue in the east to Plumas Avenue on the west. 

Midtown Reno real estate is much like the Reno neighborhood itself- fun and funky. Most Midtown homes were built in the 1930s and 1940s. Some of these homes have been turned into restaurants or businesses, but many are still residences. The degree of renovation will depend on the home, as some homeowners have chosen to maintain the charm of the original style of the home. 

This area of Reno is gaining in popularity, especially with younger home buyers. Developers are buying and renovating condos and duplexes to account for Reno's growing population and Midtown's popularity. If you are interested in buying a home in Midtown Reno, working with an experience real estate agent could give you the edge you need in a popular market. 

Amenities in Midtown Reno

Midtown Reno hosts several community events every year. Many of the Artown events are held in Midtown, there's an art walk every month, and locals love to celebrate the holidays in Midtown. Many buildings lend themselves well as canvas to local artists and murals can be throughout the neighborhood. As you walk through Midtown on any given evening, you will likely find live music drifting from restaurants. 

The restaurant scene in Midtown is exceptional. The popular MidTown Eats, Sup, and Great Full Gardens are all excellent choices. For those who like to indulge in an adult beverage, Craft Wine and Beer is a bottle shop and bar located on Martin Street. The unique culture in Midtown is perfect for a variety of different cuisines and the local restaurant culture really encourages locals to try the local fare. Each year, Reno Bites is held as a week long celebration of local restaurants and chefs that you won't want to miss. The locations change annually, but there is always a strong Midtown presence. 

Another benefit of living in Midtown is the convenience. Midtown is close to Reno-Tahoe International Airport as well as the businesses in Downtown. Midtown is only minutes away from Pioneer Performing Arts Center, The Discovery Museum, Nevada Museum of Art, and the National Automobile Museum. Home buyers who are interested in a charming community, close to all of the amenities of Reno, and the quirkiness of a neighborhood that's coming into its own, Midtown may be the perfect place for you. 

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