It's still raining and a little chilly out, so you may not be thinking about your landscape right now. But winter is the perfect time to plan your landscape. Whether it's time for a minor cleanup or a complete overhaul of your outdoor space, you need to start somewhere. And there somewhere is with a plan! Curious what other homeowners are doing in their yards this year? 

The top landscaping trends for 2017 are: 

1. Incorporating a Variety of Greenery. When planning your landscape, be sure to add in different textures and colors. Don't feel like you need to tear out your current landscape. Consider adding a focal point- maybe ivy on a trellis or areas of lavender. 

2. User-Friendly Outdoor Kitchens. A grill and counter space just doesn't cut it for an outdoor kitchen any more. A mini fridge, mobile app-controlled lighting, and ovens integrated with Wi-Fi are gaining in popularity. 

3. Drought Tolerant Landscaping. Sure, our water supply is looking really good right now. But we do live in the high desert and droughts are a regular occurrence. Use plants that don't require much water and that do well in both the hot summer days and cold winters. 

4. Bee Friendly. As people learn more about pollinators (hummingbirds, bees and butterflies among others) and their benefit on the ecosystem, there is a greater interest in planting gardens just for them. Interested in developing landscape to benefit pollinators, check out this pdf from

5. Using Multiple Materials. If you're current yard features a lawn, a walkway to the front door, and maybe a tree, it's probably time for an upgrade. Hardscape materials like stone paths, raised wood garden beds or trellises add both dimension and character to a yard. 

Often, homeowners will clean up their yards before they sell. Since we're headed into the spring season now is great time to start planning what changes you'll make if you're going to list your home. Remember that your front yard will likely be the first in-person impression your home will make. Make sure it's a good one. 


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