Summer is finally here and you may notice your home is in need of some maintenance. So whether you're planning to sell your home in the near future and want your yard to really shine, or you just want everything in great shape for your next back yard get together, make sure you take care of these maintenance tasks. 

1. Clean the Grill. Wipe down the exterior of the grill with soap and water. Clean the grill with a scrub brush and toss any ash or residue. Don't forget to clean the drip trays. 

2. Repair the Deck. This is a summer home maintenance must-do. Repair any broken boards and hammer in any loose nails. Re-seal the deck if it is no longer repels water. With Northern Nevada's temperature swings, you may need to re-seal your deck more often than in other climates. 

3. Protect Against Pests. Make sure any hole in the exterior of your home is sealed and keep trees cut back at least 8 feet from your roof to prevent easy access to your home. Remove brush piles and make sure your trash is sealed so your home is less enticing to pests. 

4. Pressure Wash the Driveway. If this winter left your driveway and walkways dingy, consider renting a pressure washer and spraying everything down. 

5. Touch Up Paint. Check the sealing around the exterior of your window. Re-seal as necessary and remember to touch up the paint. If your home is in need of a larger painting project, you may want to hire a professional. Fresh paint can give your home a nice, easy update, especially if you're planning to sell. 

6. Inspect Your Roof. If you can't physically get on your roof to inspect it, grab a pair of binoculars and inspect it from the ground. If you see something suspicious like missing or damaged shingles, call a professional to take a look. 

7. Add Mulch. A layer of mulch will refresh the look of your landscape, help retain moisture during Northern Nevada's dry summer months, and should prevent weeds from popping up. 

8. Wash Down the Porch. Cobwebs and dust can make a home look unkempt. Sweep or spray down the porch. Use a special outdoor cleaner for difficult areas. 

9. Check for Leaks. Check your sprinkler system, spigots, and hoses for leaks and make repairs. You may be surprised how much water can be wasted through a leaky hose. 

10. Update Floor Mats. Add a new welcome mat and outdoor mat if yours and looking worn. Not only can it add some color, but it will help prevent dirt and mud from being tracked inside. Add indoor mats for a second layer of protection. 

If you are planning to sell your home this summer, please reach out. We'd be honored to help however we can and will provide you with a complimentary home valuation so you will know the value of your home in today's market. 


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