The fires raging in California have been causing poor air quality in Northern Nevada. If you or a family member suffers from respiratory issues, or you're just tired of the smoky air, consider these tips to improve the air quality in your home: Colorado, Landscape, Forest, Mountains, Trees, Smoke

For the Home

Vacuum Regularly. Pet dander and dust will hold on to smells. Vacuum every few days (or more) in carpeted areas. 

Control Dust. With all the smoke in the air, you may notice more dust in your home. Being extra vigilant in dusting and cleaning can help you breath a little easier at home. 

Air Out Your Home When Conditions Allow. When the smoke clears, even for a morning, take that time to air out your home by opening windows and letting air circulate. 

Run the HVAC System. If your HVAC system has a high efficiency filter, run it as often as necessary, recirculating the air to remove particles that are in the air. 

For the Air Purifier

Change Filters Regularly. Most air purifiers recommend changing the filters monthly. You may find you need to change them more often with all of the smoke in the air. If the purifier is taking longer than normal to cycle or if you can see visible residue on the filter, it's time to change it. 

Choose a Filter that Matches Your Room Size. Not only will a too-small filter be ineffective, but you likely won't continue to use it. Some manufacturers over estimate the room size the purifier will work in. Go for a larger size if you're at the higher end of the room size that is recommended for that model. 


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