Rain, Water, Roof, Gutter, Storm, Wet, WeatherWinter will soon be here, even if it does feel like it's getting an early start. But as temperatures warm up a little this week, it's a great time to tackle that fall chore list to prepare your home for winter so you don't have any bad surprises come spring. 

  • Store Your Yard Equipment. Clean your mower and add fuel stabilizer if you don't run your lawn mower dry at the end of the season. Remove the battery if it's battery powered. Store your mower in a dry spot until you need it next spring. 
  • Winterize Your Sprinkler System. Turn off the water to the sprinkler system, shut off the automatic controller, and open the drain lines to remove all the water from the sprinkler system. Frozen irrigation lines can cause broken pipes and a lot of frustration. 
  • Drain Garden Hoses. Water can get trapped and back up into faucets, which can cause serious damage when it freezes. Remove garden hoses now, and store them in a dry area over winter. 
  • Clean Your Gutters. Fallen leaves and debris can clog a gutter quickly. Rain and ice can cause gutters to dam which can damage your gutters and roof. Clean them out in the fall and again in the winter if more leaves have built up. It's also a good time to inspect the gutters and make repairs. 
  • Inspect Weatherstripping. Inspect your doors and windows to make sure the weatherstripping is intact and in good condition and replace as necessary. 
  • Clear Dryer Vents. Dry winter air makes static electricity more prevalent which, under the right conditions, can cause a fire. Hire a duct cleaning professional if you can't tackle this project yourself. 
  • Schedule a Heater Tune Up. Unless you're a professional HVAC service technician, it's probably easier to hire someone to tune up your furnace. Not only will regularly tune ups help your furnace run more efficiently, but you'll help ensure the safety of the appliance too. 
  • Inspect Your Fireplace. Open the damper and you should be able to look up your fireplace and see daylight. Check for bird nests and other debris. You can also inspect your fireplace from the roof. If anything looks amiss, hire a chimney sweep or a professional to do a chimney inspection. 
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