Before you put away your gardening tools for the season, don't forget to tackle these five fall yard maintenance tasks. 

1. Limit Pruning. Light pruning for errant shrubs is fine, but limit major pruning for later this winter. Roses and trees should be trimmed back in late January or early February. 

2. Add Fall Color. Chrysanthemums are an excellent choice for fall flowers and are widely available. Burning bush plants turn a bright red during the fall and are fairly low maintenance. 

3. Apply Mulch. Mulch provides a layer of protection for roots from the cold. A 3-inch layers works best and natural mulch, like natural cedar is better for the garden environment. 

4. Protect Sprinklers and Hoses. Turn off the water to and drain your sprinkler system to prevent frozen pipes from breaking. If you haven't covered your spigots and stored your hoses somewhere dry, now is the time to do so. 

5. Check Your Foundation. Small cracks can become major problems if they aren't addressed quickly. Wet and freezing water can make cracks larger over the winter so preventing them as early as possible is key. Caulking and sealing small cracks is a fairly easy, inexpensive job. 

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