Moving day is notoriously stressful. You're on a time crunch. You're frantically trying to pack last-minute items. You're organizing movers, meals, and your grandma's antique silver. But moving day doesn't have to be a trying experience. These tips from professional movers can make moving day much less stressful. 

1. Time Your Move- Weekend moves are going to be more expensive whether you hire professional movers or a moving truck. Stick to mid-week moves for the best price. Also consider when you'll be driving to your new home. You don't want to be stuck in rush hour traffic in your moving truck if you don't have to. 

2. Label Everything- You probably know to label your boxes by room (living room, guest bedroom, office, etc.). But do you label the…

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Living in one of these Reno neighborhoods that are close to snow means you can enjoy your favorite winter activities without all the shoveling. Take a quick drive up the hill to ski, snowboard, cross-country ski, snowmobile, snowshoe, and more. At the end of the day, you can head home and leave the snow where it belongs—on the mountain.

Want to live close to all the joy the snow has to offer without all the maintenance and preparation it requires? Then check out these seven Reno neighborhoods that are minutes from the mountains.

8 Reno Neighborhoods Minutes From Snow Activities


If you want to be close enough to enjoy a blanket of glistening snow on a winter morning, but not so close that you have to invest in a…

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Plant, Workstation, Laptop, Pot, Work, TableBuying a home isn't often considered an easy process. From financing to finding a home to inspections and closing, there's a lot going on. During the Covid-19 pandemic, how we are buying and selling has changed, but the real estate market is strong. If you are planning to look for a new home in the near future, consider these five tips. 

1. Prepare to search virtually. Most home buyers do their initial house hunting online anyway. Today we're seeing more virtual home tours and videos as people choose to socially distance. Many real estate agents are providing video tours of the homes they have listed so home buyers can get a feel for the property before seeing it in person. 

2. Plan to shop for a mortgage lender. Because interest rates are so low,…

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Insurance, Home, Protection, Home Insurance, HouseAs the world turns to virtual learning, virtual working, and more time spent at home, more people are thinking about buying a bigger house. In the Reno/Sparks housing market, there is currently a unique set of circumstances that make this desire more achievable for some homeowners than they may think.

“If you have a more affordable home to sell and you’re looking to move up in the market, you are going to be in a situation where you have a really competitive listing, and then you’re going to have more homes to choose from at a higher price point,” said Beau Keenan, President of Dickson Realty. “So, it’s an ideal setup.”

3 Reasons Buying A Bigger House In Reno/Sparks Is Possible

Three factors make it possible for some homeowners to buy a bigger…

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Offering over asking price can make even experienced home buyers shudder. But paying more than a seller's asking price can make sense for some home buyers. So, when should you aim high? Check out these 5 times offering more than asking price might be the right decision.

1. You Can Afford to Pay Over Asking Price. Remember that the home still has to be appraised for the asking price if you're getting a mortgage. Otherwise you'll be stuck paying for anything above that amount. 

2. It's a Seller's Market. A seller's market is when there are more home buyers looking for homes than there are homes on the market. It's also a good idea to be pre-approved for a home loan and be ready to act quickly when you find a home you want to make on offer on. 


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Sallan Real Estate would be honored to help you find your Northern Nevada dream home. We specialize in a variety of property types all over Northern Nevada, including Somersett, Caughlin Ranch, Arrow Creek, Damonte Ranch, Galena, Montreux, Canyon Pines, Sierra Canyon, Verdi, Old Southwest Reno, and Midtown Reno. 

With nearly 20 years of experience helping people buy and sell real estate in Northern Nevada, we love the area and know you will too! We can help you get financing, guide you to local neighborhoods, help you determine your budget, and prioritize a list of essential features that you need in your next home. We'll save you valuable time by finding the properties that best suit your requirements. 

If you are planning to purchase a home in the…

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Interest Rate, Interest, Percentage, Percent, MortgageMortgage rates have dropped to lows not seen in nearly 50 years! If you are planning to purchase a home in the near future, it may be worth it to start the process now. As of this writing, mortgage rates are: 

30-year Fixed Rate Mortgage: 3.29%

15-year Fixed Rate Mortgage: 2.79%

Check current interest rates here. 

To put the current interest rates into perspective, the previous lowest rates occurred during the housing crisis in November 2012 when mortgage interest rates dropped to 3.31%. 

If you are considering purchasing a home or refinancing your current home loan, talk with a mortgage professional to see if the lower rates will be of benefit and check out this post to see what questions you should ask before you refinance. 

If you…

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Mortgage rates have been at record lows for quite a while and if you own your home, you might have thought about refinancing. Refinance loan volume jumped to the highest level since 2013 earlier this month. The current rate for a 30-year mortgage is 3.69%. So if your mortgage interest rate is higher than that, you could be paying too much. But, before you refinance your mortgage, here are some things to consider. 

How Are Your Finances? About 25% of mortgages are denied, most often for poor credit and too high debt-to-credit ratio. Before you consider refinancing, make sure that your credit score is solid, there aren't any errors on your credit report, and you have paid down or paid off debts to decrease your debt-to-credit ratio. 

How Long…

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Many homeowners want a luxurious, spacious bedroom. But if one, or all, of your bedrooms is smaller than you would like, you'll have to get creative. We've created a list of the best ideas for utilizing the space in your cramped bedroom to create a functional space. 

Apartment, Bed, Bedroom, Book Shelve, Books, Carpet1. Built-Ins. Floor to ceiling built ins can help make the best use of your wall space. Whether you're storing books or shoes, built-ins can be your friend in tiny bedrooms. 

2. Daybed. For a children's or a guest bedroom, a daybed can be the perfect space saver. With either another twin sized bed or storage underneath the bed, you'll be utilizing some much needed space. 

3. Wardrobes. If you're bedroom doesn't have much, or any, closet space, a floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with a slim…

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If you resolved to buy a home this year, then knowing some first-time home buyer tips is essential to reaching your goal. To put together a list of helpful first-time home buyer tips, I reached out to two of Dickson Realty’s trusted partners: Dereck Bowlen, the Branch Manager for Synergy Home Mortgage in Caughlin Ranch and Dwight Pace, the Homebuyer Programs Supervisor for the Nevada Housing Division. They recommended these seven first-time home buyer tips to anyone who wants to buy a new home this year.

Follow These 7 First-Time Home Buyer Tips

1. Assess your financial inventory

The first step to buying a home is getting a clear picture of your finances, Bowlen says. He recommended that first-time home buyers take an inventory of their income,…

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