You've signed the documents. Your loan was approved. You've been stockpiling boxes and your packing is well underway. But there's something keeping you up at night- something important about your upcoming move that you're worried you're going to forget. Stop worrying and check out this list of important things people forget to do before they move. 

1. Cancel recurring charges. This includes your cable, satellite, internet, newspaper and gym memberships. Some companies (like cable and internet) will allow you to transfer service to your new residence. If you have mail order prescriptions, update your mailing address and billing information. 

2. Update your address. You can do this online at Also update your insurance (car, property, health, dental, etc.) with your new address. Remember to send your updated address to friends and family. 

3. Take pictures. Before you begin packing, take pictures of nearly everything. If you have photos of your couch, and the moving company scratches the leather, you can prove the scratch wasn't there before the move. If you have insured jewelry, firearms, or any collections, take pictures of those items as well. Should something happen to them in the future, it's best to have photo documentation. 

4. Get medical records. If you're moving out of the area, contact your doctors to get your medical records. Keep these organized by family member for convenience. If you take prescription medication, contact your pharmacy for a record of those as well. 

5. Protect your pets. Have pets? Your vet can provide you with their medical records too. If you're moving to an area that requires flea and tick or heartworm medication for your pets, it's best to start that prior to your arrival in your new town. You may want to keep the animals vaccination records on hand if you'll be traveling across state lines or spending the night in a hotel where you may be asked to provide proof of vaccinations. Remember to pack enough pet food for the trip and the first couple days in your new home. 

6. Organize your banking information. Update your bank with your new billing address. It's also a good idea to have some cash on hand for the move in case you can't access your debit or credit cards. Some banks also offer insurance or discounts for moving. 

7. Pack a "first-day" box. Pack a box with cleaning supplies, paper towels, clean sheets, toilet paper, bath towels and anything else you might need for the first day in your new home. Make sure this box travels with you in a vehicle if you have a separate moving truck or is one of the first off the truck if you're driving the moving truck. 

8. Pack an "important" box. Keep a backpack or small box with your important documents like medical and vet records, medications, moving documents and important phone numbers or contact information. 

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