Home repairs are rarely fun, seldom exciting, and are often expensive. The holidays are rapidly approaching and you might be considering putting of some home repairs till the new year. Before you procrastinate on tackling those projects, take a look at our list of repairs that should be handled immediately to prevent more damage and expense. 

Damaged Roof- Missing or broken shingles, roof leaks, or just age-related deterioration could cause major, costly damage. Have your roof inspected and get more than one quote for any repairs. Need a total re-roof? Make sure the contractor you choose is fully licensed and insured. 

Plumbing Leaks- Whether you have a leaking pipe below your kitchen sink or a dripping hose bib in the back yard, water can cause considerable damage. Leaking water can lead to mold and structural problems which could cause very expensive problems for years to come. 

Blocked Dryer Vent- Your dryer vents should be cleaned on a regular basis. Clear vents allow your clothes to dry more quickly, saving you money on your electric bill, and will also decrease your odds of a dryer-related fire. There are tools that allow you to clean the dryer vents out yourself or you can hire a professional. 

Cracked Driveways and Patios- Broken and cracked driveways and patios could allow water to seep under your foundation. Not only are foundations costly to repair, but the broken sections of your driveway and patio create tripping hazards. The sooner you fix the broken areas, the better you can prevent extensive water damage. 

Faulty Electrical- Maybe the previous homeowner was an avid DIYer. Or maybe you just love your electronics and you're overloading your older home's electrical system. If you're noticing warning signs like flickering lights or light switches that are warm to the touch, it's time to call in a professional. 

Tree Work- Chopping down a tree can be a hassle. But having a tree fall into your home, vehicle or fence is an even bigger hassle and could be very dangerous. Hire a reputable, insured tree trimmer to get the job done right. As a bonus, you'll have plenty of firewood this winter. 

Pest Problems- A mouse running across the floor during Thanksgiving dinner could ruin the festive mood. But you don't have to let it get that far. Pests can ruin electrical, insulation and framing and should be handled immediately. Check your home regularly for evidence of insects and rodents. 



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