Light, Porch, Welcome, Light On, Porch Light, HomeSome of the easiest fall home maintenance projects can end up saving you a lot in the long run. So as the weather turns cooler, it's time to start thinking about how you can protect your home this winter and prevent problems in the future. 

1. Turn Off Irrigation for the Season. In Northern Nevada, most lawns tend to go dormant over winter. Make sure your irrigation system is turned off and water is drained from the lines so the lines don't burst with the first hard freeze. If you're not comfortable tackling this yourself, reach out to a lawn service provider for help. 

2. Seal Drafts. Caulk, seal, and weatherstrip around your windows and doors. To see if you have drafts, hold a lit candle or stick of incense around the perimeter of your doors and windows. If the smoke moves, you likely have a draft there. Most sealing jobs are fairly simple and supplies can be purchased at any home improvement store. 

3. Add Insulation. If you can see the joists in your attic, it may be time to add insulation. You can rent a machine for blowing in insulation or you can add fiberglass batt. Depending on the type and amount of insulation you currently have, you could save hundreds of dollars per year on energy costs. 

4. Clean Your Gutters. As leaves fall, debris can get clogged in your gutters. This is potentially dangerous when we have freezing weather as clogged water in your gutters becomes ice, which can damage your gutter system or fall to the ground. 

5. Check Outdoor Lighting. Soon, daylight hours will get shorter and we will rely more on outdoor lighting. Make sure porch lights and flood lights are working properly. If it's time to upgrade, consider solar or energy efficient lighting. 

6. Test Smoke and CO2 Detectors. Not only should you be checking your smoke and CO2 detectors regularly, but especially so in the winter when we're using the furnace and baking more. If your detectors are outdated, you can replace them with 2 in 1 models to streamline the testing process in the future. 

7. Replace Furnace Filters. If your furnace has separate filters, it's a good time to replace them. You can also hire an HVAC company to replace the filters when they inspect or tune-up your system. With all the smoke in the air recently, you may be changing your filters more often than normal. 

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