The house is sparkling clean. You've de-cluttered, donated boxes of unused clothing, and have finally sold your comic book collection that took up a closet. You've researched your Realtor and are fully confident in their marketing plan to sell your home. You may feel 100% ready to go. But before you give the green light on listing your home, consider these 6 things. 

1. Home Improvements. Make a list of improvements you've made since you've lived in the home. New dishwasher, water heater or stove? Have you added a French drain to the back yard? Not only will this help your Realtor value the property, but these could be good things to include on listing documents. 

2. References. Your agent may look great. They may tell you about all their experience selling homes just like yours. Before you commit, check their references. Make sure they have actually delivered. 

3. Fix the Little Things. If you've gotten used to the scuffed front door or the broken blinds in the living room, it's time to take a hard look at your home. Small repairs could end up saving you money in the long run as all those little issues can add up for many buyers. Have a (very honest) friend you trust go room to room with you pointing out things you may want to fix. 

4. Google Your Home. You may find that your tax rate is way off on a popular website. Or the Google Maps image of your home is very outdated and doesn't show the many improvements you've made. You can request an update on some websites for faulty information (number of bedrooms, taxes, etc.). If you've made improvements but the image is old, your agent can add those updates to the MLS description. 

5. Stay on Top of Yard Work. If you typically mow your lawn every other week, consider mowing weekly while your home is on the market. Immediately replace dead flowers or plants and clean up from storms as soon as you can. Your yard is often buyers' first impression of your home, make it a good one.

6. Deep Clean. This is the time to have the carpets cleaned, the grout scrubbed and the closets spotless. If you don't feel up to the task, hire a professional. Not only do the pros know the tips and tricks to get a home really clean, but they'll likely be much quicker than the average home owner. 


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