Late spring through summer are the busiest times of year to move. So if you're not moving, you likely know someone who is. Use these moving tips to make your move smoother and your unpacking less traumatic.

1. Pack plates on their side. You probably keep your plates stacked in a cupboard, right? For a move, you want them sideways. Wrap each plate individually, and stack them sideways, making sure to add bubble wrap on the ends, and top, so they fit tightly in a box and can't move around. 

2. Protect your glasses. To prevent your stemware (wine glasses, champagne glasses, etc.) from cracking, put a balled up sock in the glass, then put the glass in the other sock. If you can find beer boxes (ask at liquor or grocery stores), smaller glasses fit well in the dividers. 

3. Jewelry storage. Earrings can be poked through a paper towel holder or an egg carton. Necklaces can be secured through toilet paper holders or towels. 

4. Put clothes in trash bags. If you're moving a short distance, poke a hole in the top of a large trash bag. Hanging clothes can be kept on hangers if you put the top of the hanger through the hole in the bag. This will protect your clothes during the move. For non hanging clothes, put them in a trash bag and use the bag as cushioning around furniture or more delicate items. 

5. Make use of linens. Towels or blankets can be used to pad boxes with fragile items. You may also want to use sheets or blankets to wrap artwork if you're driving it to your destination. 

6. Pack a "1st Thing" box. Pajamas, an extra set of clothes, a towel, toiletries, toilet paper and basic bedding can make all the difference when you get to your new home. No one wants to search boxes for an hour looking for a bath towel so they can shower after a long day of moving. 

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