So you're planning to move this year? You're getting your house ready to list (painting, updating fixtures, deep cleaning and working on that curb appeal!) and have contacted a Realtor. But as you begin to pack, you may realize that you own more than you thought. You have a box of books that you haven't even unpacked from your last move. There are some handy tips that will make your decluttering process a little easier before you pack everything into a moving truck. 

1. Plan Ahead. Experts recommend that you start decluttering at least a month before you move. The earlier the better. This should give you time to decide what items you want to donate and what you want to sell. Decide if you're going to have a yard sale, list items online or have them sold at a consignment shop then tackles rooms one at a time. 

2. Have the Right Materials. Have boxes in several sizes, packing tape and markers to label boxes. Keep these in a special spot or in a bag that easy to locate. 

3. Consider Your House Size. If you are downsizing to a smaller home, you may want to be even more conservative in what you keep. If you haven't found the perfect home yet, you probably know how much you'll be downsizing. 

4. Extra Items. has a list of common items that should be thrown out or donated before you move. 

-Still boxed. If you haven't opened the box since you last moved, then you probably won't use it in the new house. Sell it online, donate it or throw it out now. 

-Unused items. Go through your closet and donate any clothing you haven't worn in the last year. Shoes, coats, and accessories can be donated too. If your garage is cluttered with multiples of the same tools or you have a garden shed filled with extra gardening tools, it's time to clear it out. 

-Expired Foods. It's easy to forget about the crackers or canned goods in your pantry that have expired. Toss the expired food and start eating up food that's stored in your freezer or that won't transport easily when you move. 

-Old Paperwork. If you have tax returns from the 90s (or even 4+ years ago) it's time to shred and recycle them. Remember to keep your important documents (passports, marriage license, birth certificates, etc.) in a separate, safe location. 

-Books and Magazines. These items are heavy to move. Decide what's worth moving and donate the rest. Many senior centers would happily accept new reading material. 

If you are planning to move and are ready to contact a Realtor, please call us at 775-453-4568. We can provide you with a complimentary marker valuation, so you know what your home is worth in the current Reno real estate market. We have an excellent marketing program and work with a proven team of professionals to make your home selling experience a good one. 

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