Most people consider the summer to be the best time to sell your home. There definitely are some benefits to moving in the summer (kids are out of school and can settle in before the next school year begins and the weather will typically cooperate with a move in July), but selling in the fall might be an even better time to be a home seller. 

Home Buyers are Serious.  Potential home buyers likely want to get moved in before the holidays and winter weather begin. With the recent interest rate increases, some of the shock has worn off and fall buyers may be more prepared. 

Lean into the Fall Ambiance.  Pumpkins and fall foliage make great curb appeal. Make sure leaves are raked and your home's entry and front porch are well lit as it begins to get…

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Updated Kitchen and Bathroom

This is probably not breaking any news, but buyers love modern/up-to-date kitchens and bathrooms. Whether that means all stainless steel appliances, brand new cabinetry, a waterfall shower, or all of the above, making sure your kitchen and bathrooms are up to snuff will pay off big time. Unsurprisingly, 81% of real estate professionals said that their buyers viewed updated kitchens and bathrooms as vital home components.

Open Floor Plan

Everyone knows open floor plans are in demand these days, but did you know that 59% of real estate professionals polled said that it was one of the most important features for buyers? If you really want to commit to this ideology, perhaps you’ll consider taking out a non-essential…

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The sudden surge in mortgage interest rates has all but scuttled the once-trendy mortgage refinance business at some regional banks, and it’s also created a much-needed buffer for prospective homebuyers scouting the market for suitable properties.

In June 2021 the average mortgage interest rate was a historically low 2.98 percent. This June interest rates spiked to 5.83 percent – a jump that translates into $1,000 more in monthly mortgage payments for the median home price of $557,250 in Greater Reno- Sparks, said Sarah Scattini, president of the Reno-Sparks Association of Realtors. At the lower interest rate, the mortgage payment for a loan of that size would be $2,343. That same home loan cut last month would be around $3,300 a month.


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