You may find yourself one of the many people who really tackle the whole idea of spring cleaning. Even if it's one room at a time throughout the next several weeks, deep cleaning your home can make you feel better and will make your home look better. The following are simple deep cleaning projects that will keep your home in shape. 

1. Vacuum vents and registers. Registers collect dirt and grime- especially if yours are on the floor. Vacuum them then wipe with a damp cloth. Remove them then vacuum under and around the vent or register before replacing. 

2. Weatherstripping. If your weather stripping is beyond a healthy wipe down and re-nailing or gluing back in position, it's time to replace it. Otherwise, a healthy scrub with a non-abrasive cleaner can clean it up quickly. 

3. Kitchen cabinets. If you regularly wipe down cabinets, your ahead of the game. Spend a while deep cleaning all the nooks and crannies. A toothbrush can be very helpful for that. Wood cabinets can be polished with oil. 

4. Baseboards. You may be surprised at how dusty your baseboards are. An old rag and some cleaner can make a word of difference. If you have trouble getting the corners clean and break out the old toothbrush again if you need to. 

5. Lampshades. You may not realize how dusty your lamp shades are. Use a hand tool from your vacuum cleaner to deep clean your lamp shades. You may be pleasantly surprised how much more light your lamp puts off. 

6. Fridge. This might be a good chore for a warm day if you move quickly. Otherwise, turn off your fridge to to save energy. Remove all the food from your refrigerator and wipe down each shelf and all sides of the interior. Bins should be cleaned and returned to their spots. Before returning food, check expiration dates. 

7. Shower curtains. Shower curtains and liners should be washed periodically. If you use disposable liners, it may be time to replace. Wash your shower curtain with several towels to prevent twisting and wrinkling. 

8. Closet. When was the last time you vacuumed (or swept or mopped) your bedroom closet? Deep clean by dusting baseboards, closet lights and a thorough vacuuming. 

9.Window tracks. Winter can be tough on window tracks. Vacuum then use an all purpose cleaner as necessary to clean things up. 

10. Waste basket. The funky smell in your kitchen might not be the garbage you've thrown in the waste basket. It may be the waste basket itself. A little elbow grease and an all purpose cleaner can make your garbage can look, and smell, like new. 


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