Reno Living RoomWe seem to all have them. That super small hall bathroom or the tiny nook you call an office. Especially when you're selling your home, you want it to look as spacious as possible. Try these tips to make your small space look larger. 

1. Use Minimal Patterns. Don't overwhelm a small room with too many patterns. If you love a bold pattern, choose a focal piece, like an accent chair or a sofa and choose more neutral colors for the other furniture. 

2. Don't Forget the Doors. The backs of doors can be excellent "hidden" storage space. Whether you add hooks for a bedroom door or small baskets for a bathroom door, there is a lot of typically unused space available. 

3.Maximize the Foyer. If you have a foyer, maximize every inch of it. A small desk, if kept tidy, can fit in some foyers and cubbies or lockers can be excellent storage for kids' shoes and backpacks. 

4. Buy Appropriate Sized Furniture. It's easy to fall in love with an enormous sofa or dining set in the store. Before you shop for furniture, measure out the space so you know what will fit. 

5. Under the Bed Storage. You have a huge footprint of unused space if you're not using the space under your bed. Vacuum seal bags of off-season clothing and store them. 

6. Choose a Smaller Coffee Table. A large rectangular or oval coffee table can be frustrating to move around. Choose a smaller, round table that can be used as a side table too. 

7. Use Large Meals in the Bathroom. A large mirror will make a small bathroom feel much larger. If you can hang another mirror on the opposite wall, that will open the room up even more. 

8. Choose a Focal Piece. One large piece of artwork will make a room feel more open than several small pieces. Nix the cluttered look and choose a piece you love. 

9. Lose the Lamps. For small rooms, desk, table and nightstand real estate is at a premium. Don't waste the space on lamps when you can install reading lights above the bed and desk. 

10. Mix Wood Finishes. Wood that is at an opposite direction on the walls than on the floor (diagonally walls against straight floors) can make a small bathroom feel larger. If you go with unique wood designs, make sure the rest of the room is neutral so it doesn't feel overwhelming. 

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