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Winter Safety Tips

Posted by Jeff Sallan on Wednesday, December 7th, 2016 at 9:47am.

In a helpful article in the Sierra Sun, Truckee Fire Protection Chief Bill Seline discusses some very important winter safety tips to make your winter days a little safer and more comfortable. We've listed Seline's tips as well as a few of our own below. 

CO Alarms save lives every year. Because our homes are closed up so much during the winter while we heat our homes, carbon monoxide can build and we won't even notice the colorless, odorless gas. If your CO alarm goes off, get out of the house and call 911. 

Sledding Accidents can be very dangerous. Make sure your kids (or the kids at heart) don't sled into a street or something that could hurt them, like a fence or parked vehicle. Remember that it's difficult to stop or even maneuver a sled. Only sled in open areas. 

Snow Blowers should be used properly to prevent cutting or even cutting off a finger. If using a snow blower, be sure that you've read the manual and follow all safety instructions. 

Prevent fires by disposing of ashes properly. Douse ashes with water or put them into a metal container to prevent fires. If having a fire outside, be sure there are no buildings, trees or flammable objects nearby. Be especially careful with children near fire pits as the ground may be slippery. 

Watch the Road during icy conditions. Even if you're comfortable driving during snowy or icy conditions, others likely aren't. Remember to give other drivers a little extra space (and a little extra grace). 

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