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You may be hearing more an more about the "sandwich generation", those who have both their adult children and their aging parents living in their home. While it's true that more Generation X'ers and Baby Boomers are taking more responsibility for their parents and adult kids, there are plenty of people who are empty nesters. Just like any other major family change, once the kids move out, empty nesters' have different home needs like the ones listed below. 

  • First Floor Living Spaces- Empty nesters are likely seeing the effects of aging and may not want to tackle stairs multiple times each day. Single-story ranch-styles are the most popular house style for this age group, but two-story homes with a downstairs master bedroom are also popular. 
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If you're planning to upgrade your kitchen or are looking to make some updates before you sell your home, there are some upgrades that are more popular than others. We've compiled a list of the 7 most wanted kitchen upgrades. 

1. Pot Filler. If you've spilled (or dropped!) a full pot of water when moving from the sink to the stove, you will especially appreciate a pot filler. This faucet allows you to fill a large pot or teapot from right at the stove. 

2. Hands-Free Faucet. Turning on the faucet can be inconvenient if your hands are full or dirty. Skip this step by installing a hands free faucet. Just touch anywhere on the faucet and the water flows. 

3. Wifi Connected Range. If you're in another room, you'll just have to look at your phone to

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Summer might be the hot time to sell your home, but there's a lot to be said for selling in the winter. With fewer homes on the market, there's greater competition for the homes that are for sale and real estate professionals, including title companies and contractors, are generally less busy, meaning more undivided attention for your sale. 

If you are going to list your home in the near future, here are some tips for selling over the holidays. 

1. Choose Simple Decor. Any holiday decor should not overwhelm the room, or take the focus off focal points like the stunning fireplace. This is a great time to go through your holiday decor and donate items you no longer use. 

2. Keep it Comfortable. Make the your home is warm and inviting. A subtle

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If you've been looking at homes, you've probably noticed that bathrooms are getting more luxurious than we've seen in the past. According to a recent Houzz study of 1,360 U.S. homeowners there are six major renovations that are most popular. 

Large Showers- According to the study, "Four in five homeowners upgrade the shower during a master bathroom renovation" and 54% increase the shower size. 

Increased Expense- Median bathroom remodels cost $7,000 in 2017 and increased to $8,000 in 2018. A major bathroom remodel, which consists of upgrades to the shower, costs five times more than a minor remodel. 

Dedicated Relaxation Space- 45% of homeowners report that they relax in the bathrooms and clean lines, neutral colors add to a spa-like feeling.

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Are you planning to sell your home before the year ends? Or maybe you're planning to put it on the market next spring? When you decide to list your home, it's likely important you get as much as possible as quickly as possible. Many homeowners in Northern Nevada have significant equity in their homes and are planning to take advantage of the booming housing market. Before you list your home, make sure to do these eight things so your home gives the best impression to potential buyers. 

1. Remove Clutter. You don't want to lug or unnecessary boxes to your new home, so remove as much clutter as possible before (or during) packing. Consider donating gently used items to local non-profits and recycle whatever you can. 

2. Deep Clean. Cleaning the grout

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Millennials, well known for killing off norms like the 9:00-5:00 workday and department stores, are still interested in the security of home ownership. Many neighborhoods appeal to Millennials because of access to nightlife, job opportunities, and affordable housing. With the thriving economy and businesses continuing to move to Northern Nevada, the influx of young professionals is continuing. Nearly 40% of home buyers are Millennials and there are some home upgrades this generation cares more about than previous generations. If you're planning to sell your home, consider these upgrades if you're planning to attract Millennial buyers. 

1. Simple Landscaping. Millennials are looking for outdoor spaces that are easy to maintain. Gardens or

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Whether you've bought and sold several homes or this is your first foray into home selling, you want to get top dollar for your property. In addition to commonly known tips, like improving to home's curb appeal, there are several other, easy ways that can help you get the most for your home. 

1. Get a Home Inspection. If you have a home inspection completed before there's an offer, it shows that you're prepared. Make sure you have fixed any issues that may have come up on the inspection and be able to provide proof, especially for larger purchases.

2. Professional Photos Make a Difference. When choosing a Realtor to list your home, be sure to check out their previous listings. If the listing photos aren't done by a professional, it can make the

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Every quarter, the Dickson Commercial Group releases a report about Reno/Sparks multifamily real estate activity. Using several key data sources, the report covers multifamily sales, apartment rental data, and construction activity. It offers a unique and comprehensive overview of the Reno/Sparks market for multifamily owners and investors.

Reno/Sparks Multifamily Sales in Q2 2019

The second quarter of 2019 saw several large Reno/Sparks multifamily sales, for a total of 323 units sold. Of those, more than 60% came from the sale of Skyline Canyon Apartments at 3300 Skyline Blvd. The other three sales totaled 119 units in East Reno, on properties on Kirman Avenue, Mill Street, And Locust Street.

In Midtown and Downtown Reno areas, activity

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Late summer and fall are a great time to sell your home. The Reno-Sparks housing market is still going strong for home sellers and interest rates are still in near-record territory, making this a good time for many people to buy. If you want to make sure your home shows its seen in the best light possible. 

Start At the Front Door- You know that curb appeal is important, but make sure you pay attention to the porch too. Tasteful fall decor is good, but stay away from anything too crazy. Instead of decorating for holidays, decorating for the season is generally better received. Make sure the front door is clean, the porch is free of debris, and the porch light is on if the house is being shown in the evening. 

Swap Summer Hues for Autumn Tones-

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If the kitchen is the heart of the home, it makes sense to make sure it looks great, especially if you're planning to sell the home. Before you start budgeting for a full kitchen remodel, consider making these changes to first. Even small changes can make a difference in the look and feel of your kitchen. 

Fluorescent Lighting. If your kitchen has the fluorescent tube lighting covered with the plastic rectangles, that's a common sign your kitchen needs updating. The hue of fluorescent lights is often unflattering and flush mount lighting or pendant lighting is a much better, more modern solution. 

Fad Colors. Adding a pop of color in your kitchen through decor or even small appliances is a smart, easy way to update. But stay away from painting your

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