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Summer is the prime time to sell your home in Northern Nevada. You may be watching the local real estate market so you know that home values are up and interest rates are still at historic lows, creating incentives for both home sellers and buyers to move quickly. 

If you are interested in seeing what your home may be worth in today's market, please contact Sallan Real Estate. We will create and provide you with a complimentary home valuation, so you know what your home could sell for. Unlike the valuations you may find on real estate sites, our valuation will take into account any repairs or updates you have made to the home and the overall condition of the home.

We will also provide you with a marketing plan so that if you choose to list your

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A home inspection is a visual inspection of a property, from foundation to the roof, by a professional home inspector. Most often, the inspection is part of the buyer's due diligence to make sure the home is safe and everything is functioning as it should prior to the purchase of a home.

Is a home inspection required? A home inspection may be required by your lender to qualify for a home loan. If you are not getting a loan, or if your lender doesn't require it, you do not have to have a home inspection. However, home inspections are highly recommended for your own protection. 

What do home inspectors look for? A professional home inspector who is certified by the National Association of Home Inspectors will look at the condition of the home,

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Moving is never a fun experience, but there are things that can make it more bearable. And moving all of your earthly belongings during a snowstorm is just plain miserable. Whether it's your schedule or the weather, many people find summer to be the best time to move. 

Plenty of Sun. On average, Reno has 252 days of sun each year. The national average is only 205 days of sun. That chance increases significantly during the summer months. If you're pulling a full day or weekend of moving, you'll get more daylight and less chance of wet weather during the summer. 

Kids Aren't in School. This might be the biggest reason why summer moves are most popular. Moving during the summer helps kids maintain their routines and gives them a chance to settle in

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Written by Chris Galli with Dickson Realty.

For many first-time home buyers, one of the biggest questions is, “how can I start saving for a house?” It’s an important question, and the answer really depends on each buyer’s finances, stage in life and other aspects. To get some helpful tips on how to start saving for a house in Reno/Sparks, I reached out to one of our trusted partners, Dereck Bowlen, the Branch Manager for Synergy Home Mortgage in Caughlin Ranch. He’s been in the mortgage industry for more than 25 years and offered his perspective and advice.

Calculate how much you can afford each month

One of the first steps to begin saving for a house is to figure out how much to save in the first place. To do that, Bowlen suggests meeting with

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If you've applied for a mortgage, your new home will have to be appraised before the loan will go through. Ultimately, your mortgage lender wants to be sure that the home they are lending you money for, is actually worth what you've agreed to pay. The appraisal should also provide peace of mind for you, as the buyer, to make sure you're not paying too much. Appraisers will verify the square footage, condition and any remodels or upgrades in the home to determine the value of the home. 

Appraisers can help protect the buyer from a less than desirable purchase. If your heart is set on this home, you may be worried the appraisal won't come in at the contract price. If a home just is not worth what you've agreed to, as the buyer you can go back to the

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If you're new to home ownership, you may be confused about a home warranty. Maybe you've owned your home for years and are considering a home warranty for any emergencies that might spring up. There are several home warranty companies and you should do your homework before selecting one. You may consider asking a Realtor you trust the following questions: 

1. What does a home warranty cover? Typically, well-maintained systems and appliances are covered. Home warranties will usually cover the cost of an appliance or system (that's covered under the plan you choose) that's breaks down from normal wear and tear. In addition to the annual fee, you will also pay a service fee to the provider. 

2. Who does the repairs? Local contractors that are

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If you're a first time home buyer, you are probably excited about the purchase of your first home and you may be confused or overwhelmed by the process. Don't be! While buying a home, whether it's your first or fifteenth, does require some flexibility, the process doesn't have to be intimidating. The following six tips can help you buy your first home so you can purchase with confidence. 

1. Manage Your Credit. Before you decide to purchase a home, you need to know your credit score. Unless you're paying cash for your home, you'll need to a loan. Interest rates are currently at historic lows and those with excellent credit scores will reap the most benefit by getting the lowest interest rate on their home loan. Financial advisers can help you pay off

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Perhaps you're planning to take advantage of the historically low interest rates. Maybe you're going to down size and are going to use the equity in your home for an investment property. Maybe you realize that the economy in Northern Nevada shows no signs of slowing and you want to take advantage of the in demand housing market. Whatever your reason for wanting to purchase an investment property, nearly every neighborhood in the Reno-Sparks area has potential for the investor. Contact Sallan Real Estate for more information about purchasing an investment home. 

Before you begin shopping for an investment home, here are seven things to consider:

1. Do your research. Find out what homes are renting for in the neighborhood you're looking in. Who

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Home sales typically slow down during winter months. Take a look at the most recent Reno/Sparks real estate market statistics to see how the current market is looking. And while unloading a moving truck in the middle of a snow storm is no one's idea of fun, some will argue that buying a home in the winter is the best time to buy. Check out these 7 reasons why you should buy your home in the winter. 

1. Less Competition. January and February make up about 6% of home sales. May through August make up about 40% of home sales. So there will be fewer buyers on the market and less competition for that home of your dreams. 

2. Faster Close. Your lender will likely have fewer loans to work on during the winter months, and since the close of escrow can be at

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It is common knowledge that home buying is at its peak during the summer months. But before you give up your home search for the year, consider these five reasons why fall may be the best time to purchase a home. 

Less Competition. There's a reason summer is the hottest time of year for homes. Many families are rushing to get moved in to their homes in order for their children to start the school year at their new school. By the fall, most summer home buyers have purchased their homes and those that haven't may wait till after the holidays to ramp up their house hunting again. Fall is the prime time to purchase a home with the least amount of competition. 

Cheaper Homes. According to RealtyTrac's analysis of more than 32 million home sales over 15

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