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8 Reasons to Down Size

Posted by Jeff Sallan on Wednesday, June 15th, 2016 at 3:47pm.

Old SW BathroomIf you're not ready to commit to a tiny house and really downsize, you may still be considering something a bit smaller than normal. The average size of a newly built home in the US is just over 2,650 square feet! Some of the major benefits of a smaller home include the home requiring less time, money and energy to maintain, while providing the homeowner with more flexibility in their schedule and budget. Are you considering a smaller residence? What are you most looking forward to? 

1. More Affordable. Smaller homes tend to be more affordable than comparable, larger homes in the same area. You'll also likely save on utilities as well since you're heating and cooling a smaller space. 

2. Easier Upkeep. Cleaning a 1,000 square foot home will take less time than cleaning a 3,000 square foot home. Bonus points for cleaning fewer bathrooms as well. If your yard is smaller, you'll save time if you maintain it yourself and money if you you hire lawn service. You'll also save money from using less water keep all that grass green. 

3. You Get Creative. If you're having a large party or having your extended family over for dinner, it's time to get creative. Does your smaller home have a great deck or patio? Consider moving the party outdoors. 

4. Invest in the Upgrades. A smaller home typically means smaller renovation costs. Because your kitchen is smaller, an expensive granite counter top won't cost nearly as much as in a gargantuan kitchen. Want a custom made vanity for your bathroom? Go for it- a single vanity is significantly less than an expansive double vanity. 

5. Encourage Family Bonding. If you have a computer/TV/game room, the family is probably spending their spare time there. Bring the family back to the family room and watch tv or play on the computer together. 

6. Free Your Inner Pack Rat. If you (or a loved one) have pack rat tendencies, a smaller home could help you clear some of the clutter. A smaller home physically holds less stuff than a large home, so some of the collections will have to go. 

7. More Environmentally Friendly. Not only will you be using fewer natural resources to maintain your home, but you'll have less carpet or tile or wood floor installed. Fewer cabinets and counters, toilets and light fixtures. 

8. Wider Re-Sale Market. Less expensive homes tend to sell faster than their more expensive neighbors. Currently, for homes less than $300,000, the Reno-Sparks area only has a 25 day supply. For homes between $301,000 to $600,000, there is a 3 month supply. A healthy market is  5 to 6 month supply of homes. Check out more information about the local real estate market here

Are you interested in downsizing? We would love to help you sell your home and purchase something smaller that better fits your lifestyle. Call us at 775-453-4568 or email  for more information. 

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